Hayter is a Freelancer encountered by Thomas Meaney and Richard Llewellyn in the Medieval Universe / Medieval World. He knew of Lucas and the Lead Service as well as the Deadly Deadly Robots. Hayter was captured by the guards of Lord Elpus while trying to steal an enchanted sword he was hired to find and his right hand was cut off.

When Hayter, Meaney and Llewellyn were brought before Elpus, the Freelancer disintergrated the lord with his gun and finally got his hand on the sword. He revealed his personal jump device to the Leads and jumped, abandoning the pair to face the wrath of Elpus' witch-fearing guards.

Hayter sold off the sword and his missing limb was replaced with a mechancial version with dubious specifications. After Meaney and Llewellyn managed to return to the Hub, Hayter was also on board and bumped into Llewellyn while rounding a corner and took a punch to the jaw for his troubles.