Richard Llewellyn
Llewellyn, as seen in "Training Day"
Race Human
Affiliation Lead Service
Rank Private / Trainee
Known associates Thomas Meaney
Captain Lucas
Current Status Alive
First Appearance "Training Day"
Last Appearance Recurring

Richard Llewellyn is a trainee in the Lead Service. On his first field training exercise the captain acting as chaperon was killed and, along with his partner Thomas Meaney, he found himself in a non-functional JumpShip unable to return to the Hub. Together the pair are aimlessly travelling through the Multiverse, jumping from reality to reality in the hopes of returning home.

Unlike his counterpart, Llewellyn is seemingly apathetic about the events and environments that they arrive in. He is sardonic, cynical, and seems to hold the Lead Service and his position as a Trainee in low regard. He has no problems deceiving others, Meaney included, in the interests of his own self-preservation.

Background Edit

So far very little of Llewellyn's background has been revealed in the comic. He in "Training Day" it was established that he has already gone through (and failed) the training process four times.

When his body was taken over by Nimoy, a parasitic slug-like creature from a race called the Iob, Nimoy let slip that Llewellyn was keeping something hidden from Meaney. So far this has not been further explored.

Relationships Edit

Thomas Meaney Edit

Llewellyn has always been verbally abusive of his travelling buddy. He belittles, derides, mocks and pokes fun at Meaney at any given moment. He has also admitted to dreams of killing him, although this was most likely a joke, and has said he would happily jump out of a Universe without Meaney on board the Flurry, although when presented with the opportunity to do so in "It Came From Space!" he did not. He has complimented Meaney's talents before - specifically his problem-solving skills - but will always wrap his compliment in an insult.

Hayter Edit

During the events of "Rogues and Scallywags" a conversation between Llewellyn and the dimension-jumping freelance mercenary Hayter mentioned a plan of some sort that they were both involved in. Apparently things would have continued according to the plan had Captain Lucas, who may or may not have been involved, was killed by Deadly Deadly Robots. Despite their apparent partnership, relations between Llewellyn and Hayter appear strained.

Nimoy Edit

Llewellyn was unwillingly made host to Nimoy, an Iob parasite. Nimoy was more, cruel aggressive and prone to acts of violence than Llewellyn is, but more or less kept the same personality traits.

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