Spheres of Influence is a short story by Ben Paddon published on on June 1, 2011.

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The Hired Hand appears to tell the story of parallel Earths, each one invaded by entities whose description matches that of the Deadly Deadly Robots. Each time they leave a single survivor - the same man, left to ponder the details of his fate.

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  • No specific details are given about the time or place of the invasion, only that it happens on "a planet very similar to ours", strongly implying that it occurs to a parallel Earth.
  • Depending on the time of the invasion this is potentially the earliest chronological appearance of the Deadly Deadly Robots, and offers the first concrete evidence that there may be more to the Robots than simple deadliness.

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  • The first original Jump Leads story written specifically for the site, and the first not to be posted in the form of a script or comic.
  • Published under the heading "In-Universe Fiction". The following day another story, The Hired Hand, was published in the same category.

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