The Offer is a story written by Ben Paddon. It is presented in screenplay format provided for fans of the comic who make a PayPal donation of any amount, and concerns part of Llewellyn's life before he joined the Lead service, detailing in part how he was recruited.

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  • The Canonical status of this story is unclear. As it is written by comic co-creator Ben Paddon one can assume it is canon.
  • The story begins several years before the events of Training Day and is set in (or near) the town of Dunstable, England.

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  • There are several allusions to British scifi-sitcom Red Dwarf in this story, ranging from the dollarpound currency to Llewellyn's mention of his father, right up to the talking toaster.
  • Llewellyn also mentions Starfleet from Star Trek.

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  • Originally intended to be the opening section of a larger story exploring Llewellyn's past, Paddon shelved the story but kept the flashback open, which he tidied up to become this donation bonus.