The Voyage Home
Writer:Ben Paddon
Euan Mumford
Andrew Taylor
Paul Varley
Inks:JjAR (pages 1-16)
Mr. Phillby (page 17 onwards)
Colours:JjAR (pages 1-9)
Kris Carter (page 10-17)
Mr Phillby (page 17 onwards)
Lettering:Ben Paddon, JjAR
Runtime:Sept 6th, 2010 - ongoing
Previous:The Cult of Meaney

The Voyage Home is the tenth and current issue of Jump Leads. It is the first Jump Leads story to be written by the entire Jump Leads creative team rather than just one writer.

This issue also marks Kris Carter's debut as colorist, and Mr Phillby's debut as artist following the departure of regular artist JjAR.

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  • Meaney reestablishes that the Hub exists in every Universe simultaneously, as mentioned in Training Day, and is for the first time putting that knowledge to good use.

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Trivia Edit

  • The first issue of the comic written by more than one person.
  • The first issue of the comic with plot input from artist JjAR.
  • Described by Ben Paddon as "our "season finale" story, because that's what it feels like - something to end the first season of a show, and to prepare for the second."
  • Colorist Kris Carter joined the team as of this issue, and provided colours for pages 10 to 16. Carter previously wrote, drew and coloured Waterworld, the eighth issue of the comic, and has also worked on stories for IDW Publishing's "Doctor Who" and "Transformers" comics, amongst others. Kris joined the team to ease the workload for regular artist JjAR, although this ultimately failed and JjAR stepped down as Jump Leads artist.
  • The wait for page 15 is, at over two months, the longest wait for a new page in the comic. The previous record was held by page 10 of the same issue, posted just shy of two months after page 9.
    • Also of note: The issue started in early September of 2010, meaning this is the single longest-running story in the comic's history, although it currently has fewer pages than most full-length stories.