Who Wants To Rule The World?
Writer:Paul Varley
Lettering:Ben Paddon
Runtime:21st Nov 2008 - 24th Apr 2009
Publication status:Standalone eBook available
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Who Wants To Rule The World? is the fifth issue of Jump Leads.


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  • This is the first Jump Leads story that begins in a largely natural locale. Previous stories have mostly taken place on space stations and in man-made buildings.
  • Llewellyn quips that they may have landed in a memorial garden for the deceased Captain Lucas.
  • This is the first mention of a potential problem Leads may encoutner in their travels - unknown viral infections.
  • This is the second appearance of Shoulder Devil Llewellyn and Shoulder Angel Meaney, who first appeared to Meaney in Trojan Horse. They appear here to Llewellyn, who decides that he's hallucinating.
  • This is the second time Llewellyn has said he'd happily Jump away without Meaney, although on the previous occasion he couldn't bring himself to do it (It Came From Space!).
  • Second use of the "Wait, what?" running gag. It's preceded with another "What?" beforehand.
  • Second (or possibly the third) example of Meaney's excellent problem-solving skills, which were previously demonstrated in It Came From Space! (and possibly Trojan Horse with the silk hat).
  • The Flurry has been mostly reverse-engineered by Doctor Llewelyn by the end of this story, which may lead to another appearance from Gray in a future issue.
  • First and, so far, only issue of the comic not to show Meaney and Llewellyn leaving the Universe in the Flurry.

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